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Fletro v6.1 Premium Blogger Template

Fletro v6.1 Premium Blogger Template

The template update of the Fletro Pro Blogger Template now comes with version v6.1, besides fixing some bugs in the previous version. It also contains many changes and some new functions have also been added.

Fletro Pro version has been updated with Lots of cool features in the template compared to the previous version. That's something special.

New features in the Fletro update are; Post Style, New Ad Slots, Sponsored Posts, Popup Comments, Fresh Look, Easy to Navigate Links, Share Buttons, etc.

New Ad slots are completely modern. If the container is empty, it will automatically add an ad snippet in Fletro Blogger Template. Posts also can be separated by labels. With Sponsored label, you can apply exclusive effects to this exclusive post. Pop comments and pop share containers are also another impressive and innovative feature in Blogger Template. These features were never seen before which I think made them successful themes.

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